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Analysis of Participation


Metal Gear Solid 4- Guns of the Patriots “Metal Gear Solid 4” is a Japanese stealth video game released in 2008, with a strong narrative and interesting characters. The main plot deals with… Continue reading



Football vs. Football video games Remediation of a non-digital game; Football – A comparative Analysis   Ana Flavia Ferreira Silva             As we can clearly see today, digital gaming is growing at… Continue reading

Dungeons and Dragons vs. Neverwinter Nights


Dungeons and Dragons is a very popular role-playing game, released in 1974, with many revisions released up to this date. Neverwinter Nights was released in 2002, with sequels, expansion packs and fan-programmed mods… Continue reading

Gamer vs. non-gamer in the game culture: Do they share beliefs?


Both in the semiotics and the phenomenology of gameplay, games produce meaning. As ‘culture’ is defined as a system of meaning we can speak about game cultures. Games incorporate meaning-making through playful action… Continue reading

My long lasting relationship with games


My relationship with video games started out very early, at the tender age of two, where I spent my afternoons watching my mother play “Age of Empires” on our very old desktop computer.… Continue reading