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Pervasive Game Design – The Story Inventor


By Laurens, Ecem, & Lotte Pervasive games involve game designs that break with the traditional view of gaming to be solely related to the ‘virtual’. The bounds of traditional gaming devices are broken… Continue reading

Saving the Galaxy with Commander Keen: A Structural Analysis of Participation


This week´s assignment is to analyze a video game considering how a player is immersed into the game. Using Murray´s five immersion aspects, the game “Commander Keen” will be viewed from the perspectives… Continue reading

Visual game design – A switch between Platformer and RPG


By Kaka, Nicole & Lotte The assignment of this week has everything to do with video game genres. According to Arsenault (151) the problem with genres is that generalizations and heterogeneousness are inevitable.… Continue reading

Digital and non-digital ‘Cluedo’ – A comparative game analysis


During primary school, I used to get together with my friends to play the board game ‘Cluedo’. Cluedo is a board game for two to six players, first released in 1949.  The game´s… Continue reading

My personal game history – Spyro, The Sims and more…


My personal game history stretches from board games, card games and video games to playing on the playground. Playing ´Tikkertje` as a third-year old is actually the first recollection of gameplay that comes… Continue reading