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PoG: Final Paper


Deadline: December 18 (hardcopy in class), December 17 (before 16.00u on Ephorus) This final paper is a continuation of your blogposts and the midterm paper. You will describe the theoretical concepts relevant for… Continue reading

Blogpost V: Structural Analysis of Participation


Structural Analysis of Participation – Choose 1 video game – Briefly describe the game – Analyze how the game organizes participation using Murray’s 5 immersion aspects (immersive visit, creation of belief, the mask,… Continue reading

Assignment: Birth of a Genre?


Deadline: 13 November Step 1 : Pick a genre in groups of 3 Step 2: Analysis  How do we recognize, define and categorize that genre? What are the game aesthetics? Does the genre depend… Continue reading

Live Twitter: a dérive game?


Dérive (literally: drifting) is a technique that the French Marxist Situationist Guy Debord defines as ‘an experimental mode of behavior linked to the conditions of urban society: a technique for hastily passing through… Continue reading