PoG: Final Paper

Deadline: December 18 (hardcopy in class), December 17 (before 16.00u on Ephorus)

This final paper is a continuation of your blogposts and the midterm paper. You will describe the theoretical concepts relevant for your argument (i.e., how do authors define these concepts?) and demonstrate how you can use these concepts to deconstruct a game.


Write a 2000 word essay (marge 10%) describing the following steps:

1. Introduction

what is your object of study, why is it relevant, what is your theoretical approach/framework


2. Body
– Outline of theoretical framework: describe the concepts (i.e., engagement, virtuality, play, embodiment etc.) in your own words by referring to authors
– Contextualization of concepts: historicize the concepts (making a narrative of history, where did the concepts emerge, cultural & social transformations)
– How to use these concepts for analysis (references to literature)
– Analysis of mediaobject: what game, why this particular game


3. Conclusion

Reflection on findings, how to continue research?


minimum of 5 texts from course + minimum of 3 additional texts
Don’t forget AUC style