Jaco’s Personal Game History

My personal relation to games and playing:

Games have played a subtle but representative role in my personality depending on the age and my interests. By the age of four I was constantly playing “Hide-and-seek” as a way to get to know my classmates in kinder garden; killing time was a priority. In a later stage, when I was ten “Hopscoth” became the place where my friends in the neighborhood and I showed our skills. Perhaps the most important period of my life in terms of games had to do with “Parqués”; as a Colombian version of “Cross and circle” and “Pachisi” combined, this colorful board game was very important for my grandfather, uncles and cousins to get together and share quality family time. As we played endless rounds of “Parqués”, we felt how a strong sense of unity and competition was built among people that love each other. By the time I turned 17, right before celebrating my adulthood (it is 18 years old in Colombia), I became addicted to the online games “Pokemon” and “Age of Empires”. I saw these two games as an opportunity for me to finally be independent but still capable of having a good time away from friends and relatives. When I was 21, I turned back to my old friends hanging out with them in every casino with “Roulette” in town. By then, both the feeling of independence and the need to be a social young guy got together for me to improve my networks. Currently and due to my obligations as student and employee I hardly take the time to play anything however, as a 24 years old man now I look back and appreciate how being a very active gamer pays off.

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